EHR Data Conversion and Extraction
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

You’ve made the decision to change your EHR, now comes the daunting task of getting all your legacy data into that system. This webinar takes you through the steps necessary to ensure a more seamless  process, addressing many aspects of EHR data conversion and extraction including:
– How to make sure your practice is ready
– What roles everyone needs to play
– Why data mapping is so important
– Setting up a plan

Choosing Your Next EHR
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Whether you’re just starting the process or looking for something better, choosing the perfect EHR for your practice can be challenging. From cost to necessary features,this video takes you through the intricacies of a good, solid EHR and what you should consider before making your final choice. Topics include:
– Industry Trends
– How to Choose the Right Vendor
– How to Make Sure the EHR Works for YOU