INSIGHTS: Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices
Friday, August 31st, 2018

CareOptimize’s Ashley Giaquinta as she reviews revenue cycle best practices, including the most recent advice for trends she is seeing in 2018. Ashley will also be showing CareOptimize’s free Revenue Cycle Analyzer, which helps you benchmark your revenue cycle performance against similar practices.

Quality Manager
Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

The CareOptimize Quality Manager is a one stop shop for all items quality related.  We combine all quality, regulatory and incentive programs into one user friendly dashboard.  We will build your Quality Manager specific for your practice and measures.  The Manager will allow you to view programs, measures, patients and encounter dates.  The functionality will also allow you to search a specific patient if desired.

Other features of our Quality Manager include single sign on for certain EHR users.  Single breakdowns by measure, provider or patient. Our module is SSL encrypted for your security.  Real time tracking of your programs so you can easily navigate the road to meeting your practice’s goals.  Care gaps are identified immediately so they can quickly be addressed. With bi-directional integration we can automatically send codes via the Manager to your EHR.  Our Quality Manager is accessible from anywhere.

Our Quality Manager not only allows your user to see an overview of different Quality programs such as MIPS, HEDIS, eCQM measures, it will also allow the user the ability to further explorer specific measures.  Drilling down into the measures will show clinicians any patient gaps that need to be worked and where they need to continue to improve as they continue to provide your patients excellent medical care.



MIPS Mid-Year Update : Insights Recap MIPS 2018 Mid Year Update
Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
Our insights presentation focused on the mid-year updates for MIPS 2018.  CMS has released 2017 final scores. You can find your score, by logging into to and using your Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account.  EHR and Registry entities will not have access to the final scores.  As a reminder 2017 performance adjustments will be applied in 2019.
2018 MIPS changes include changes to the definition of Eligible Clinicians.  Also, we will see changes in the minimum thresholds that have to be met by all EC’s to qualify for MIPS.  This year the Quality category will be weighted at 50% of the final scores.  While Promoting Interoperability, formerly ACI will account for 25%.  Improvement Activities will remain at 15%.  We have the addition of the cost category and it will account for 10% of your final score.  Minimum submissions increased 3 points to 15.  We will also see changes in bonus points.  These include Improvement bonus, 2015 Edition Bonus, and End to End reporting bonus.
At the mid-year point of 2018, your focus should be first on continued tracking of performances measures.  Staying ahead of performances will help ensure your practice succeeds in 2018 MIPS. If you submitted for 2017, downloading and reviewing your final scores will give you a base to decide if your current measures are the most beneficial.


Insights: Quality Manager Overview
Friday, August 17th, 2018

We’ve just crossed the mid-year mark. If you haven’t been focused on closing your patients’ 2018 quality gaps, now is the time.

When working on your gap list, it is imperative to compare your findings to your health plans’ findings. CareOptimize’s Quality Manager makes this easy by identifying discrepancies and providing a workflow for resolving them. You’ll also see:
– How to work gaps at the point of care.
– Submitting gap closures to the health plan with just one click.
– A brief peek at our predictive coding tool.