MIPS: It’s Not Too Late for Your 2017 Bonus

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The clock is ticking, but there’s still enough time to secure your MIPS 2017 bonus. This webinar outlines some of the things you can do to ensure you won’t miss out.

In under 30 minutes see how our MIPS Dashboard will help you:
– Track your provider and practice scores per measure
– Select the highest measures to attest
– Uncover patient care gaps to increase scores
– Automate the electronic attestation process

The 2018 QPP Proposed Rule

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MACRA is quickly approaching year 2. CMS recently released their 2018 Proposed Rule, and there are some significant changes everyone should be aware of.
Rather than wading through the 1,058 pages of the Proposed Rule, join CareOptimize for a look at the most important takeaways.
In less than 30 minutes, you’ll learn:
Are any of your clinicians now exempt?
What is a Virtual Group, and will it save you money?
Are your practice’s priorities aligned with the newly weighted categories?
How can the Proposed Rule increase your 2018 bonus?

Coding in 2017

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In the day and age of value based medicine, it is critical to optimize your reimbursements with more accurate coding.This webinar uses specific examples to demonstrate the intricacies of accurate coding and how you can actually benefit. Questions answered include:
• How is global service reporting changing?
• What procedures require reporting?
• Who is required to report?
• When do new requirements take effect?

MIPS at Six Months

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The first reporting year for MIPS is now half over.
Do you know if you’re on the right track?
– Where are your providers vs. the CMS benchmarks?
– Are your Quality measures earning you the highest scores?
– Are you identifying care gaps by measure?
– Can you receive daily updates on your providers’:
*Quality Scores
*Advancing Care Information Scores
*Improvement Activity Scores

If you cannot answer “Yes” to all of these questions,
you cannot afford to miss this webinar.

Navigating the MIPS Dashboard
Take a tour through the CareOptimize MIPS Dashboard, highlighting areas to consider for accurate measure scoring and successful attestation.

The MACRA CPC+ Program

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CMS had great success with their first Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) model rollout and instituted their second, CPC+, in January. This webinar explains the details of the new model and the rationale behind it, highlighting:

Benefits of the Program
Payment Details
Who is Included
What the Next Round Looks Like

EHR Data Conversion and Extraction

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You’ve made the decision to change your EHR, now comes the daunting task of getting all your legacy data into that system. This webinar takes you through the steps necessary to ensure a more seamless  process, addressing many aspects of EHR data conversion and extraction including:
– How to make sure your practice is ready
– What roles everyone needs to play
– Why data mapping is so important
– Setting up a plan

Choosing Your Next EHR

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Whether you’re just starting the process or looking for something better, choosing the perfect EHR for your practice can be challenging. From cost to necessary features,this video takes you through the intricacies of a good, solid EHR and what you should consider before making your final choice. Topics include:
– Industry Trends
– How to Choose the Right Vendor
– How to Make Sure the EHR Works for YOU

HIPAA & Technology: Methods for True Compliance

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HIPAA has been in effect for more than a decade, but there are still questions about how to ensure full compliance across the healthcare landscape, especially with the unprecedented expansion of technologies.

This free webinar untangles HIPAA regulations and offers comprehensive ways for your organization to remain compliant.

Topics include issues with:
Remote Access to the EHR
Mobile Devices
Email and Texting
Social Media Channels

MIPS Dashboard for Multi Specialty Practices

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Reporting period has begun. Do you know where to start?
Megan Halligan, VP of Clinical Operations, takes you through the CareOptimize MIPS Solution, piece by piece, uncovering the many ways this tool can help your practice. Among myriad other things, this invaluable MIPS tool will:

– Select measures across multiple specialties
– Automate the monitoring and scoring of your measures
– Provide benchmarks to discover where each provider stands against peers
– See patient-specific care gaps causing lower provider scores
– Attest directly from the dashboard across all specialties

2017: Predicting, Planning, and Profiting

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2017 is here, and with it come all those changes we’ve been talking about for the past few months. Believe it or not, there are opportunities in this time of uncertainty. From the regulatory to the technological, this webinar highlights the top priorities for 2017, the best ways to handle them, and how practices can actually profit. Topics around our healthcare predictions include:

  • Building new programs for care delivery
  • How to benefit in pharmaceutical relationships
  • Ways to innovate with technology
  • New approaches in value based medicine