This complimentary report runs in about 30 minutes, capturing key performance indicators, including health plan information. The State of the Practice Report looks at all of these KPIs:

  • Top 20 Payers
  • Denial Rate
  • A/R Aging
  • Bill Lag Time
  • Charge Entry Lag Time
  • Unapplied Credits
  • Active Contracts
  • BBP Jobs List
  • Average Appointment per Day by Provider
  • First Third Appointment by Resource
  • Potential MIPS Surplus or Deficit
  • CQM/PQRS by Provider
  • CCM Coding
  • All Users with Greater than 20 Tasks
  • All Users with Tasks Over 7 Days Old
  • All Templates In Use During the Last 2 Months
  • All KBM Templates in Use During the Last 2 Months
  • Referrals Open