Our clients speak for themselves. We have successfully transformed independent physician offices, MSOs, IPAs, health plans, ACOs, PACE, FQHCs, Recovery Programs, and Tribal Health groups to optimize their EHR systems. From system selection to upgrades, and everything in between, below is a small sampling of CareOptimize Testimonials on how CareOptimize has you covered.

Center for Excellence in Eye Care
Miami, FL

Ophthalmology and retinal specialists improving clinical workflows in their EHR and boosting physician satisfaction.

Managed Healthcare Partners
South Florida

Full risk Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid IPA increasing reimbursement through optimizing EHR efficiencies.

Delta Medix
Scranton, PA

Multispecialty group diversifying to become a comprehensive cancer center while negotiating contracts with local hospitals.

On Lok
San Francisco, CA

PACE organization optimizing their EHR, through upgrades and custom development, to support their unique payment models.

Leon Medical Centers
Miami, FL

Full risk, 5 Star Medicare Advantage plan utilizing CareOptimize to improve EHR efficiencies, leading to increased patient experience.

Hill Physicians Medical Group
San Ramon, California

Large IPA competing against staff models, effectively winning ACO and direct-to-employer risk contracts.

Fresenius Vascular

Vascular and dialysis group partnered with CareOptimize to adapt to ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Church Health
Memphis, TN

Charity based clinic working with CareOptimize to enhance billing workflows and collections.

Illinois Gastro Group
Elgin, IL

Gastroenterology super group teamed with CareOptimize to provide provider EHR training and custom development/integration.

Ophthalmologic Associates
Anchorage, AK

Ophthalmology group optimizing clinical practice and revenue cycle in addition to using our audit support team.

HealthSun Health Plans
Miami, FL

Full risk, 5 Star Medicare Advantage plan focused on increasing patient health by maximizing the use of their provider EHR reporting capabilities.

GA Carmichael
Canton, Mississippi

Rural FQHC increasing reimbursement and improving efficiency through CareOptimize’s upgrade and custom development team.

CareMax Medical Centers
Miami, FL

Multispecialty Medicare Advantage practices needing guidance in EHR system selection, data migration, implementation, training, and ongoing support.

University Clinical Health
Memphis, TN

Top-rated medical school trusting CareOptimize through EHR upgrades, physician and staff training, and custom development.

Foundation Health Partners
Fairbanks, AK

Health system receiving consulting support to maximize regulatory program incentives and bonus payments.

Ho Chunk Nation
Black River Falls, WI

Tribal health center selected CareOptimize to improve scheduling, billing, A/R, and collection processes through hands on training and custom development.

Meridian Healthcare
Youngstown, OH

Non-profit recovery program harnessing CareOptimize team to achieve increased collections.

Interamerican Medical Centers
South Florida

PCMH partnering with CareOptimize to bolster Medicare Advantage offering through EHR customization.

Fountain Valley, CA

Regional health system integrating multiple systems to provide a unified patient record.

Ann Arbor, MI

Large primary care and multi-specialty provider looking to optimize their EHR to better track and perform with risk payers.

Managed Healthcare Partners
Miami, Florida

“CareOptimize improved our clinical workflows and processes which increased our RAF/HCC scores, allowing us to expand our services and accelerate our growth through the community.”

Delta Medix
Scranton, Pennsylvania
“I can confidently say our continuing partnership has enabled us to continue to deliver compassionate and innovative care and make it accessible for our patients.”
The Center for Excellence in Eye Care
Miami, Florida
“CareOptimize has been instrumental in optimizing our technology and workflows as well as our revenue cycle management. They worked with us to identify where we could benefit from automation and how to code and bill correctly.”


11+ Years delivering results nationwide. 20,000 Providers benefiting from our services. Hundreds of practices improving their bottom line.