CMS Seeks to Implement New Quality Measures
Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

CMS is evaluating the possibility of including 20 quality measures to a few of Medicare’s quality and value-based payment programs.

To apply, the department said, all but three of the recommended steps would have to be gathered online, either via electronic health reports or staff feedback. The shift to digital measures is following the Meaningful Measures Framework of the Department, an effort initiated in 2017 that focuses on addressing administrative burdens. Performance measurement, while providing little benefit to doctors or patients, has long been criticized for being burdensome on workers.

The 20 recommended initiatives are part of the annual rule-making phase of CMS, where the department chooses a list of measures that are then evaluated by the collaboration of measure applications of the National Consistency Council, a group of health experts providing suggestions about what CMS should pick for its services. CMS receives input on steps they have in the list that goes to NQF from specialty societies and other stakeholders.

Feedback on the proposed steps would be approved by the NQF by the sixth of January.

Ten of the suggested measures are for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System this year. Several of these measures are cost-related, and one is an impact indicator reported by patients.

A trio of the measures, including one that monitors coronavirus vaccination among healthcare workers, are linked to COVID-19.

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