CMS Shares COVID-19 Data Reporting Guidance
Friday, October 9th, 2020

CMS recently shared guidance on how it aims to enforce a recent temporary final rule mandating condition of participation (CoP) in Medicare for hospitals publishing COVID-19 results.

The guidelines issued earlier this week declared that, during the pandemic, hospitals risk Medicare termination should they fail to report daily on the more than 30 measures required by CMS. The metrics comprise regular COVID-19 admissions, including those affecting ventilated patients, fatalities from COVID-19, and other virus-related hospital utilization data.

Hospitals will now have to submit weekly supply-related metrics and also report new cases of influenza. This is presently voluntary but will become obligatory in November.

Beginning October 7, 2020, hospitals that do not meet the COVID-19 data reporting standards will be given a CMS warning. The hospitals will have three weeks to address any discrepancies in implementation, according to guidelines. Following these warnings, a second advisory alert will be given by CMS to hospitals failing to send out the required daily information.

In general, before being terminated from federal healthcare services, hospitals have a total of 14 weeks to meet Medicare CoP. These terminations would mean hospitals would not obtain payment for the treatment of recipients of Medicare and Medicaid.

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