COVID-19 Insights Webinar – Regulatory Expansion Continues
Monday, May 11th, 2020

We recently uploaded episode six of the COVID-19 Insights Webinar. Topics featured in this webinar include the second round of CMS regulatory changes (including COVID-19 testing and home health changes), Medicaid provider grants, the rapid and continued expansion of telehealth programs, elective surgeries, and more.

We also spotlighted a few of the CareOptimize solutions launched in response to the pandemic, such as our FREE CareOptimize COVID-19 Template designed to allow logging of patient data for those who test positive or show symptoms. Our Crystal Report is also free and is useful for showing all patients within your organization deemed to be high-risk and who may need additional screening.

Episode six and the previous five episodes of our webinar series can be viewed on our YouTube channel: You’ll also find them on the Insights page of our website along with useful news regarding CMS updates and more:

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