COVID-19 Shines a Strong Light on Medicare Advantage
Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

The strength and versatility of Medicare Advantage has become increasingly evident in the age of COVID-19. When the pandemic began spreading across the country this spring, Medicare Advantage plans responded quickly and were among the first to take charge, identifying and introducing changes to policies and benefits.

Many Medicare Advantage programs quickly identified an exhaustive list of supplemental benefits addressing health social determinants, crucial in the response to COVID-19. Member outreach including meal deliveries, free masks, and regular communication were instituted to help address anxieties made evident early on.

By the time June was over, Medicare Advantage membership reached almost four million, an increase of more than ten percent from the first half of 2019 and up to eight percent from enrollment by the end of the same year. In the first half of the year, insurer Humana added well over 250,000 Medicare Advantage members and predicts more than 330,000 will join before the end of the year. Humana’s success in Q2 mirrors that of many payers as a result of lower utilization during the pandemic. That number is expected to rise in the last half of the year with rising utilization including an expected increase in elective surgeries.

Seniors have recognized the value in Medicare Advantage, as demonstrated by rising enrollment, which has almost doubled during the past years. Close to forty percent of the Medicare population are now enrolled in an Medicare Advantage plan. That number is anticipated only to increase as more seniors become old enough to qualify for Medicare.

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