Deriving Value from Your EHR Data
Thursday, June 4th, 2020

An electronic health record (EHR) is perhaps the costliest investment in technology a hospital or healthcare system makes. Most healthcare agencies are hesitant about investing in new technology after the high expense of an EHR. As a result, they use their EHR analytics functionality to attempt to conduct analytics across the organization. How are they doing with such an approach? A Definitive Healthcare survey suggests there may be room for improvement.

The survey reveals healthcare systems using only EHR analytics components are more challenged by technology, whereas consumers who use in-house or analytics-specific systems are less technologically challenged. Organizations that do not use EHR analytics cite similar challenges in technology.

Analytics within an EHR often have limited functionality for results necessary to discover ways to improve outcomes. Because the developers of analytics-specific platforms are well-versed in data analytics and how to create value from results, those products often elicit better, more useful information, especially when combined with the EHR analytics.

Barriers to the use of analytics-specific platforms fall into three categories: cost, interoperability with existing technology, and leadership buy-in. Studies have shown these platforms create significantly more value by reducing cost, improving patient outcomes, and offering a better overall view. The value of results elicited often outweighs the barriers.

The CareOptimize Nextgen EHR page features several products we’ve developed to assist healthcare organizations with easing the process of navigating the rapid changes in healthcare technology.

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