EHR-Embedded Telehealth Saves the Day
Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

COVID-19 has forced healthcare practices to find ways to keep their doors open and their patients served. Telehealth has been one of the most successful. A practice based in Blue Ridge, Georgia quickly adapted to the changes by instituting a telehealth system and achieving success.

Blue Ridge Medical Group initially found itself facing difficulty with ongoing patient care as businesses were forced to close. The practice was in dire need of a solution that adhered to HIPAA laws and allowed patient scheduling as well as video conferencing and billing.

After researching telemedicine technology and exploring service vendors, Blue Ridge Medical Group found an EHR-embedded platform that addressed many of its challenges, including initiating video calls with patients to provide ongoing care. Furthermore, patients were also able to use the system with minimal hassle despite many having limited tech skills.

Blue Ridge Medical Group has seen additional perks with their new telehealth program, including being able to document EHR data during a virtual visit by communicating with the patient, ensuring they don’t feel as if they are being ignored.

Telehealth has also proven to be a major plus for older patients that may not be able to physically visit the office due to certain health conditions or being too sick to leave home. These solutions allow patients to attend the all-important visits, allowing continued management of chronic health conditions and/or potential faster recuperation.

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