Humana Prepares to Launch New Value-Based Program
Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Humana recently declared an extension of its value-based program expansion with the forthcoming implementation of the Primary Care First (PCF) model. The initiative will expand the availability of coordinated primary care to beneficiaries of some Humana Medicare Advantage services and aims to enhance the quality of treatment and patient safety, minimize the cost of care, and relieve the financial load of primary care agencies.

At the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center, the PCF model was created to encourage primary care practitioners to migrate to value-based care and to determine whether this new payment model of Original Medicare would improve productivity and minimize costs. Humana will supply a related model for the Humana Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization and Health Maintenance Company policy to participating primary care agencies currently in the network, as a newly approved CMS payer partner and the first insurer in the nation to have its own variant of the PCF model.

The Humana PCF model is scheduled for launch on July 1, 2021. A prospective capitated incentive, which takes into account the achievement of metrics based on quality and results, will be granted to participants every month.

To read more about Humana’s upcoming value-based program, please visit the following link:

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