MIPS Mid-Year Update : Insights Recap MIPS 2018 Mid Year Update
Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
Our insights presentation focused on the mid-year updates for MIPS 2018.  CMS has released 2017 final scores. You can find your score, by logging into to Qpp.cms.com and using your Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account.  EHR and Registry entities will not have access to the final scores.  As a reminder 2017 performance adjustments will be applied in 2019.
2018 MIPS changes include changes to the definition of Eligible Clinicians.  Also, we will see changes in the minimum thresholds that have to be met by all EC’s to qualify for MIPS.  This year the Quality category will be weighted at 50% of the final scores.  While Promoting Interoperability, formerly ACI will account for 25%.  Improvement Activities will remain at 15%.  We have the addition of the cost category and it will account for 10% of your final score.  Minimum submissions increased 3 points to 15.  We will also see changes in bonus points.  These include Improvement bonus, 2015 Edition Bonus, and End to End reporting bonus.
At the mid-year point of 2018, your focus should be first on continued tracking of performances measures.  Staying ahead of performances will help ensure your practice succeeds in 2018 MIPS. If you submitted for 2017, downloading and reviewing your final scores will give you a base to decide if your current measures are the most beneficial.