Medicaid Expansion For Moms and Babies in Florida
Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Chris Sprowls, a Republican House Speaker, declared a plan to fight the inequities that come with maternal health care in late March. The plan pushes a one-year expansion on maternal Medicaid benefits, which has been an initiative of the Biden administration. The Florida Senate is on board with the initiative, pushing for less money than the House. During the last week of the 2021 legislative season (end of April), the two negotiated Sprowls’ plan.

“Today the Florida House is making a meaningful commitment to address the disparities in health outcomes for our children and for their moms,” Sprowls said. “We believe that providing access to postnatal coverage for up to one year after birth can significantly boost health outcomes for moms and their babies. And we know that healthy moms are better positioned to raise healthy and thriving children.”

Medicaid helps low-income families cover health care costs, but in recent years has been challenging to expand in Florida. Recent budget negotiations added postpartum Medicaid coverage for pregnant women and their babies but does not exactly fall in line with the House’s proposal to spend almost $240 million to extend coverage for a year after birth. The Senate has proposed $96, which will likely only cover six months of Medicaid for women and their babies.

Lawmakers’ focus has been state dollars towards several programs, but federal funding could increase the Medicaid programs and ultimately health care coverage for families in Florida.

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