Quality Manager
Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

The CareOptimize Quality Manager is a one stop shop for all items quality related.  We combine all quality, regulatory and incentive programs into one user friendly dashboard.  We will build your Quality Manager specific for your practice and measures.  The Manager will allow you to view programs, measures, patients and encounter dates.  The functionality will also allow you to search a specific patient if desired.

Other features of our Quality Manager include single sign on for certain EHR users.  Single breakdowns by measure, provider or patient. Our module is SSL encrypted for your security.  Real time tracking of your programs so you can easily navigate the road to meeting your practice’s goals.  Care gaps are identified immediately so they can quickly be addressed. With bi-directional integration we can automatically send codes via the Manager to your EHR.  Our Quality Manager is accessible from anywhere.

Our Quality Manager not only allows your user to see an overview of different Quality programs such as MIPS, HEDIS, eCQM measures, it will also allow the user the ability to further explorer specific measures.  Drilling down into the measures will show clinicians any patient gaps that need to be worked and where they need to continue to improve as they continue to provide your patients excellent medical care.