South Florida Healthcare Practice Rises Early to the COVID-19 Challenge
Thursday, October 8th, 2020

As the coronavirus made its way to South Florida, CareMax Medical Centers was already adjusting its healthcare delivery model to face the challenges practices would soon need to address. CareMax partnered with CareOptimize early on to help proactively address COVID-19 challenges with productive responses. Within three days, the team implemented several policies and procedures to ensure staff and members stayed safe. Many of these have now been made permanent.

CareMax began offering its members virtual appointments before telehealth gained widespread use, enabling CareMax physicians to remain completely available to members. For those members who do not have a computer or may be technologically challenged, CareMax Transportation drivers take tablets to members’ homes, so they can participate in a virtual visit.

Using the CareOptimize service-as-software platform “HeartBeat,” providers have information on all members to facilitate clinical decisions as well as continue to track members with chronic issues, alleviating problems inherent with prolonged breaks in care.  All patients identified as positive or suspected COVID-19 cases are kept on a frequently updated list. Physicians give daily virtual video visits to every single one of these patients to monitor their progress. Anyone admitted to a hospital receives a virtual visit immediately afterward and, if appropriate, an in-home visit from a CareMax home health nurse.

To ensure constant communication, every member receives a weekly wellness check phone call to ensure they are well, continuing safe habits, and maintaining a proper diet. Should there be an issue, members can request a virtual visit with a provider or a visit from a home health nurse.

To keep costs down and better assist those that need attention, the “Call CareMax First” campaign was developed to encourage members to contact CareMax before heading to a hospital. This simple procedure has helped prevent unnecessary hospital visits, while allowing members to connect with a medical professional at all hours of the day, every day of the week.

COVID19 has forced the healthcare industry to rethink the way things are done. Thinking outside the box is something CareOptimize has always done for each and every one of their clients. The challenges continue, so do the solutions.

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