Optimize Your Clinic With a Patient Tracking System
Monday, September 14th, 2020

Ambulatory care surgical centers and urgent care clinics often grapple with numerous patients and clinical activity that need consistent tracking. Failure to streamline the process may affect the efficiency of the clinic or healthcare practice which, in turn, can lead to serious consequences. Greater wait times mean more disgruntled patients and stressed staff and providers. Increased wait times may also endanger a patient’s condition, requiring emergent care.

CareOptimize has developed a solution. Our Patient Tracking System helps clinics and surgical centers keep track of all clinical activity in real-time, boosting operational efficiency and ensuring better patient and provider satisfaction.

The Patient Tracking display is designed to be user-friendly and can be displayed on screens of various sizes. With this tool, the clinical staff is always aware of the location of each patient and provider on your floor plan and the degree of acuity and clinical actions for each case. Furthermore, the tool shows the average and longest wait time, plus the number of patients waiting to be seen, providing the right data to allow concentration of efforts to reduce wait times while, at the same time, offering optimal care.

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