Telehealth Leads to Better Care and Revenue with Chronically Ill Patients
Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Telehealth offers critically ill patients and their healthcare providers opportunities to raise income and improve quality of treatment. Telehealth appointments frequently represent a more convenient approach versus an in-person visit, and the costs are often markedly less than an emergency room visit. Instead of making an unnecessary trip or incurring a hefty emergency room charge, patients using a telehealth platform are able to virtually talk with a physician or a nurse via computer, phone, or tablet.

For healthcare practices, telehealth appointments with chronically ill patients create several revenue opportunities. Regulations have relaxed, and Medicare offers even more leniency when it comes to reimbursing telehealth services. Physicians can now receive the same amount reimbursed for a telehealth appointment as they would for an in-person visit, leading to a more stable revenue stream. Telehealth and remote monitoring for patients with chronic conditions in value-based contracts also enables physicians to reach quality care targets and reduce unneeded readmissions, leading to greater incentive payments.

Regular communication with chronically ill patients solves multiple problems. It’s challenging to keep a consistent chronic care management program going when patients might be afraid to come into the office. Those who need a physical, follow-up visit, or have regularly scheduled appointments, can now keep up with those via virtual visits. As a bonus, providers can also more easily evaluate the home environment with the virtual visit “show and tell” opportunity.

Telehealth has emerged as a good way to provide revenue opportunities, offer more convenience, and avoid interrupting care management programs. Many providers are seeing the benefits.

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