Telehealth Still Has Room for Improvement
Wednesday, July 15th, 2020
Three-quarters of patients that received telehealth have stated they would like to see it incorporated as a standard care component in the future. However, a significant portion of patients also said that they did not know how to proceed following the telehealth visit, suggesting healthcare providers may need to implement standard follow-up care measures.
It may not be surprising to learn that, given the surge in telehealth visits, the majority of patients had not taken advantage of virtual care prior to 2020. Close to three-quarters made use of telehealth because they’d had an original appointment delayed or canceled, and more than 70 percent of respondents also had a previous appointment canceled or postponed, either voluntarily or due to the actions of the healthcare provider.
Statistics prove the interest in continuing healthcare with a telehealth option is attractive to patients, yet only 35 percent of patients stated their healthcare provider contacted them for a follow-up, and a little over 40 percent said they were aware of how they could receive future telehealth access.
The opportunities to attract even more patients to telehealth have definitely been brought to the forefront with the pandemic. Beyond canceled in-person appointments being rescheduled as virtual, there are many other chances for practices not only to retain patients but also to attract new business with a telehealth option. Comprehensive retention procedures need to be in place to keep those patients interested in telehealth from falling through the cracks.
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