Term. All CARE OPTIMIZE Analytics Tools, including but not limited to, Population Health, Care Management, Coding Accuracy, and MIPS Management Solution, have a minimum contract term of three (3) years and are not subject to the thirty (30) day termination option. The three (3) year minimum contract term shall commence on the date the first payment for the Analytics Tool(s) is received by CARE OPTIMIZE from Company. Upon the expiration of the initial three (3) year term for the CARE OPTIMIZE Analytics Tool(s), this agreement shall auto-renew for consecutive one (1) year terms unless Company notifies CARE OPTIMIZE in writing at least sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date.

Invoices. The rate for MIPS consulting services provided by CARE OPTIMIZE is $175 per hour, unless modified by a mutually signed work order by both CARE OPTIMIZE and Company. Company shall pay each undisputed invoice in full within fifteen (15) calendar days after receipt. If a retainer has been collected the undisputed invoice amount will be billed against the retainer. Late invoices will accrue an additional 10% service fee and result in an interruption in CARE OPTIMIZE’s services. The setup fee, as described on www.careoptimize.com, along with the first month’s service of the selected product package, shall be paid up front upon checkout.

Client and Business Associate Agreement. CARE OPTIMIZE shall deliver to Company, to the email listed in the purchase section, a full copy of the Client Agreement and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for Company to execute. Company must execute and return signed Client Agreement and BAA to CARE OPTIMIZE contact provided within 5 business days of initial receipt. Failure on behalf of Company to execute and return Client Agreement and BAA to CARE OPTIMIZE within 5 business days may result in a delay or termination of services by CARE OPTIMIZE.