Value-Based Care May Help Practices Remain Afloat
Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Primary care practices have had to contend with the possibility of closure due to the pandemic. The conundrum comes in figuring out the best way for physicians to save their practices while still providing patients optimum care. The answer may lie in value-based care.

Primary care is arguably more important than ever, yet it has become increasingly evident that the traditional fee-for-service model, based solely upon actual practice visits, has become untenable. The safest option for many patients is to stay at home to stay healthy, so these physicians and healthcare practices now find themselves facing an uphill battle to remain in operation.

Value-based practices have managed to keep their doors open, take care of their patients, and even prosper in these challenging times. Instead of concentrating solely on patients that walk into the practice, value-based care is more about ensuring patients remain healthy and out of the hospital. With value-based care, practices can, for example, reach out to a patient to contact them and evaluate their care beyond the doors of the practice as well as keep in touch in the event the patient does have to go to the hospital emergency room.

The key is breaking the misconception that fee-for-service is the perfect way to pay for primary care. Primary care should be about the value created, where care is more person-based than transactional.

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