Worries About the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule for 2021
Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Provider organizations are worried certain proposals in the 2021 Medicare Provider Fee Schedule regulation will worsen the financial difficulties doctors are currently experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the inadequacy of sufficient payment for telehealth and profits from sustainable practice. The legislation released in early August suggested several improvements to next year’s Medicare Physician Fee Plan, including steep rate increases for certain specialties, improvements to the list of telehealth services, and additional standards for accuracy monitoring.

Increasing relative value units (RVUs) and payment for primary care facilities and treatment of chronic disorders are the key proposals of the rule. However, the regulation also requires a drop in the payment exchange factor to $32.26 from $36.09 in order to offset the improvements to RVUs for the services.

Provider industry groups have encouraged CMS to beef up telehealth scope recommendations in the finalized version of next year’s Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. Several proposals that would increase telehealth coverage were included in the rule, including the inclusion of eight codes to the Category 1 list of telehealth providers and the development of a separate Category 3 list to extend provisional coverage.

Another leading issue affecting multiple provider groups was the tweak to quality reporting regarding the Quality Payment Program and other value-based reimbursement models. The substitution of the APM Scoring Standard with the current Alternative Payment Model Efficiency Pathway was largely opposed, particularly by provider groups.

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